Da fuq, unlazy?

Valid question. Being unlazy means constantly improving yourself, being as productive as possible and enjoying yourself in the process.

Constant improvement

Beast productivity

Maximum enjoyment

Why unlazy?

I like being unlazy.

I don’t want to brag (I do), but among my friends, I’m best known as the ‘productivity junkie’. It’s not a surprise, really. Instead of enjoying a night out with my friends, I might decide to spend some quality time honing my weekly routines or exploring the newest productivity apps on the App Store. Yep, I often wonder how I have any friends to begin with. Sorry, folks, I’ll buy you a beer someday (I won’t).

However, even though my social status is not that golden, I’ve found that being productive, healthy and energetic has enabled me to achieve a lot of amazing stuff. And I’m not just talking about finishing seven seasons of Game of Thrones in two days, no no no.

What’s even better (or perhaps worse), I of course love to talk about productivity, to the extent that my friends would probably prefer me to shut the hell up. As my last hope, I’ve now turned to the almighty Interweb. I desperately hope that there still exists an audience out there in the big world for all my no-nonsense jibberish *fingers crossed*. My friends’ mental health is on the line here, people.

So in short, what is all this fuss about?

I want to motivate you to be unlazy. I want you to become the John McClane of your life, to be as notorious as Conor McGregor (*cough* before Khabib). GODDAMNIT, I want us to beat all challenges like Batman and Robin would, I want us to hunt our dreams as passionately as Tesla hunts funding and I want us to bring down obstacles as efficiently as Donald Trump brings down lawsuits.