Day 3


I’m really liking yoga thus far. It’s a perfect combination of though exercise, stretching, and mindfulness.

It’s exactly the kind of push I’ve needed to focus more on my mobility and flexibility. In the past, it’s been a problem that I haven’t really known how to conduct a 30-minute stretching session (or I’ve just found it extremely boring and painful), but now I have someone telling me what to do, challenging me to finish the workout. It’s awesome.

It’s also super low effort to start the workout. I just need a mat and phone/laptop to start the session.

It’s a lot tougher than I would have expected, even though I’ve heard people say that.

I should continue yoga for at least 100 days to see any real effects. Not much happens in a mere month.

Day 4


I just feel so great after every yoga session. It’s tough, and it also has a meditation part.

I could even combine these two things: use Skill Yoga app and then immediately use Headspace for mediation?

Day 5


Today’s yoga session was tough as hell. I had been in plank for like 5 minutes (that’s how it felt).

I’m a bit worried I still haven’t done the benchmark movements. I have to do it tomorrow. But anyway I should keep doing this for like 60 days to see good results.

Also, I should start FMS workouts. Just starting with 3 moves and then building from there.

Day 6


I really want to learn some expert yoga poses and skills, like handstands and crow poses. It’s a good goal which helps me keep motivated.

I could also use the time after yoga for learning physical skills, like rope jumping tricks or similar.

Day 7


I ran my longest run (1hr 42mins) without any pain in my hip or knees. That’s amazing, and I believe yoga and warmup stretches have really helped open and mobilize my hips for running. THAT’S AWESOME!